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If you're looking for Janette Paul, author of quirky stories about life and love ... you've got me!

You know how life gets messy and ridiculous sometimes, and coffee and chocolate are the only things that get you through? Yeah, me too. That's the stuff I like to write about ... because it's more fun when it's happening to someone else, right?

      My new book Amber and Alice is out in June ... 

      Amber's life gets crazy when she's stuck on a road trip to Alice Springs. She's hoping to find the answer to a family mystery but she's got to survive her flaky half-sister, the camping and the handsome tour guide who thinks she's an alcoholic ... oh, and a cow suit! 

     Click on the cover to read the back page blurb. Sneak peak coming soon!

      One of the perks of writing this book was a research trip to Central Australia. If you've never been to this amazing part of the world - and even if you have - let me show it to you ... I've got the pics right here!