Opposites attract in this funny, touching and deliciously romantic novel as hippie Dee meets millionaire businessman Ethan - and her calm world is turned upside down...

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 Dee Nichols is a free-spirited yoga teacher, albeit a broke one. But she’s not interested in money or possessions or thinking too far into the future. After surviving a terrible car accident, she’s just happy to be breathing.
   Then Dee meets Ethan Roxburgh at a Christmas party. As the head of Roxburgh Holdings, and a regular in the social pages, he’s the opposite of what Dee wants in her life. Until a job modelling yoga in a TV commercial turns Dee into an overnight celebrity…
   Thrust into a whole new world of business and PR (as well as high-heels and plunging necklines) Dee is out of her comfort zone and suddenly Ethan is perfect – as a mentor. Or would be, if she wasn’t so damn attracted to him. After all, he’d never look twice at a short, accident-prone yoga instructor with market-stall couture …
   Then Ethan does look twice - and life gets sweet and sexy as hell.

Behind the Blurb ...

My sister is a yoga teacher, my husband is a company director and their conversations are often a funny clash of opposing mindsets. After one exchange that left them both frowning quizzically at each other, I decided it might be fun to put two similar personalities together and see what happened.

And yes, research involved some yoga classes! I still go but admit to failing at meditation, unless writing a novel in your head counts as staying present!

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